Real life testimonials of how God has intervened and delivered the women at Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes Testimonials_0000_Mekia Allen #1

….helped me find God and who He intends for me to be. I’m not a hopeless dope addict but a dopeless hope addict! I am excited about God’s plan and future for me!”

– Mekia A.

Beauty for Ashes Testimonials_0001_Tori Winters #2

…helped me to restore my faith in God. It has helped me forgive myself and others, therefore, giving me true freedom. It’s like I was once in a coma, flat-lined and today I have come back to life! I now breathe the fresh air of life. I am slowly finding out who I really am and the woman of God He intended me to be.

– Tori W.

Beauty for Ashes Testimonials_0002_Nichole Glaze #3

helped me live again. I feel like I have walked up out of that grave! God has restarted my heartbeat to the rhythm of love, hope, and laughter. Tears stream down my face because of the joy I feel and the amazing things He is doing inside of me!!! Today I am truly alive!

– Nichole G.

Beauty for Ashes Testimonials_0003_Kenya Terry #4

…helped me deepen my relationship with Christ that has transformed my life. He has restored my family and everything I allowed the enemy to take away from me because His Word says…“He will restore the years the locust have eaten!” Joel 2:25

– Kenya T.

Beauty for Ashes Testimonials_0004_Shawnda Lombardo #5

…helped me be the daughter, sister, mother and friend that God has always intended for me to be. I’ve gained back my relationships, my education and my willingness to do it God’s way. I have survived what was supposed to kill me…

– Shawnda L.

Beauty for Ashes Testimonials_0005_Tatum Wolfe #6

…helped me uncover all of the lies I bought from the enemy… The Lord walks me back to the garden telling me who I am and what He originally intended me to be. The chains came crashing down. I have been set free. He tells me I am a new creature and how happy I make Him. He has given me passion and purpose to share the good news of the Gospel with ones that don’t know. Bringing glory to God’s name is now my deepest desire and life mission.

– Tatum W.

Beauty for Ashes Testimonials_0006_Nikki Harper #7

…helped me to realize that there is something deep within me, in my lower nature, that is at war with my mind and at times wins the fight which makes me a slave to sin. Thank God I have been freed from my slavery to this deadly lower nature, it has been done by our Lord, Jesus… (Romans 7:23)

– Nikki H.

Beauty for Ashes Testimonials_0007_Talisha Harrison #8

….helped me realize that what I thought I had to have, I really never needed. I always knew I needed help but where I was getting it was only keeping me from the real help that is only in Christ! I am thankful I finally came to a place of letting go so God could become my everything!!

– Talisha H.