Our Founder

In the fall of 1996,  Alicia Sharpton chose to devote her life to full-time ministry.  Eventually, that call led to a vision to open a rescue center for women. Having watched family members over the years suffer from addiction and dealing with her own issues, that vision became a reality in the fall of 2016!

During Alicia’s 20 years of service, she has pastored youth,  young adults, and adults alike.  She was on staff as the Minister of Students and Drama Instructor for a local Christian school.  She was also a campus director for a live-­‐in home for women who were addicted to drugs and alcohol.  The wisdom she has gained while leading youth camps, women’s retreats, home Bible studies, mission endeavors and individual counseling has intensified the desire to reach a lost and hurting world.

Alicia’s passion for people certainly warrants the call on her life.  She is an Ordained Minister through Ark United Christian Community Churches International (AUCCCI). The truth is that addiction in our state and surrounding communities continues to rise. Jails are becoming more populated with drug and alcohol offenders.  The Department of Social Services is seeing more children come into custody and the death toll from overdose increases daily.  The epidemic is at monumental levels.  Providing a place of rescue and restoration is undeniable.

Beauty for Ashes ~A Healing Place, Inc. is passionate about providing an opportunity for God to restore and revive the lives of the many women suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.